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Ra•ket – slang for side-hustle in Filipino.


Hey there Raketeers!

I’m Marco, a Digital Designer based in UAE. Over the past decade, I’ve been designing and helping build solutions for award-winning startups in MENA region and the Dubai Government.

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I’m also an Associate Financial Planner and has spent the last 4 years to spread financial literacy awareness within the Filipino community in the UAE. I’ve meaning to build something for people who likes to keep hustling and to share my journey and lessons I’ve picked-up over the years.

So, are you an employee who wants to future-proof yourself with the ever-changing corporate landscape?

Are you someone who wants to learn how to you can work and earn from online?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to kickstart your own business or side-project?

You’ve found the right pad. Let’s go – Learn. Earn. Launch.
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